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Useful Info - Getting Started

We make the whole process easy and straight-forward.

Some facts about video effectiveness in Real Estate

Video Gets Noticed

Studies show that a listing with a professional video has a 400% increase in successful sale.
Homes sell faster with professional video.

Video is Effective

Video is engaging. It’s informative. People are happy to invest their time to watch video over reading.
Sell the dream with video.

Video Gets Results

We’ve had agents sell homes without inspecting – based on our videos.
Video is trending. Video carries authenticity.

1, 2, 3.
It's easy to book...

Determine Budget

Video has a fantastic return on investment due to it’s effectiveness. We have packages that suit any marketing budget.

Choose a package

Our packages give you options for aerial only, right through to detailed walkthroughs.

Book it in

Fill in our easy online form.  It prompts for all the details we need.

We’ll be in touch shortly after to confirm.

Video marketing can increase the competition,
raising the final sale price.

Things you need to know.


We require 3 – 5 working days notice. Depending on our workload, we may need to work out an alternative date.

It’s best to allow a week lead time. We’ll always confirm dates with you.

Drones & Safety

We abide by the rules set out by CASA for UAV use. Some properties may be too close to airports, or in line with the path of a runway.

Some property angles are not obtainable depending on surrounds and safety concerns.

We do video.

While we do offer aerial drone photography, we don’t currently offer standard interior and exterior photography.

In many cases and with some lead time, we can organise to come to the home on the same day as the photographer.

Step up your marketing - take a look at our packages today!
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